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Why Don’t You Introduce Yourself By Telling The Readers About Your Experience As A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Is One Of Few Who Practices In Fish & Wildlife Violations In California?

In my youth, many adults in my life hunted and fished recreationally, and many of them made their living harvesting commercially caught seafood. I also have memories of those same individuals receiving citations from game wardens due primarily to unintended technical violations while they were trying to earn a living. A citation from a California Department of Fish & Wildlife officer, as we will discuss, can result in a substantial fine as well as forfeiture of game and personal property, including boats, cars, fishing poles, traps, firearms, nets, and vehicles. As an attorney, I would have the opportunity to not only defend my clients against criminal charges but also provide a defense for those same clients against attempts by the fish & game commission to suspend or revoke licenses and permits.

I have represented hunters, anglers, hunting and fishing guides, restaurateurs and have become involved in just about every commercial fishery along the west coast of California.

Who Would You Say You’re Writing This Book For Or Why Did You Want To Write This Book?

This book is for those that depend upon the natural resources that California has offered for the recreational taking of fish and game, as well as those that participate in a California commercial fishery to earn an income. Currently, there are no publications for individuals who wish to educate themselves in this area, and I hope to provide, through this book, some guidance to those accused of violating fish and wildlife laws.

How Common Are Serious Fishing And Wildlife Violations Issued In California?

Serious fish and wildlife citations are more commonly issued than one would think. Natural resources, including fisheries and wildlife, are heavily regulated and are constantly changing. For most violations of the Fish and Game Code, one need not have intended to commit the offense, but even if committed unintentionally, it is still a violation. Even an experienced hunter, angler or commercial fisher, may unintentionally violate a law regulating fish and wildlife, which can result in significant fines depending upon the breach, serious violations can result in a criminal conviction as well as a suspension or revocation of your fishing and hunting privileges.

Do You Find A Lot Of People Who Are Faced With Fishing And Wildlife Violations Don’t Understand The Seriousness Of These Charges Sometimes?

It is common for those charged with fish and wildlife violations to seek the quickest possible resolution without regard to potential or unknown collateral consequences, including loss of fishing, hunting privileges. In addition, the fines and fees sought and imposed by the court can be substantial.

Why Is It So Critical To Have An Experienced Fish And Wildlife Violation Attorney On My Case Immediately?

When a person learns they have been accused of a fish and wildlife violation, an experienced fish and wildlife attorney should be consulted immediately to advise on the best course of action. While it is crucial for someone accused of the violation to avoid making statements to law enforcement by asserting your right to an attorney at the earliest possible opportunity, an accused must still display their tags, licenses, game and devices upon demand by a warden.

Also, a person accused of the Fish and Game Code violation will often appear in court in an attempt to resolve the matter quickly; as discussed previously, appearing in court without having consulted with an attorney can detrimentally impact a person’s chances of avoiding a conviction and may result in enhanced collateral consequences and the imposition of substantial fines. A fish and wildlife violation involves collateral consequences beyond the typical criminal penalties that one would face due to a criminal conviction. While criminal penalties for a breach by a commercial fisherman may be minor, the consequences to their livelihood could be substantial. It might include loss of a license, ability to fish or hunt in other states, forfeiture of a fish or game, and equipment including firearms, boats, traps, etc.

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