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“It was one of the worst moments in my life. I was driving home and I crashed my car into a parked car. I was scared, lost, confused but most of all worried. I was referred by a friend to a lawyer named Michael Linscheid, who turned out to be a saving grace. He helped me go through the court system and provided me the reassurance that everything will be ok. He is the utmost professional and his knowledge of the court system is extremely extensive. After the court case had already happened, Michael followed up with me to ensure everything was on track to get my license back. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Michael.”Jonathan

“I’ve worked with many lawyers in the past who have lied, been unresponsive, and not human at all, but Michael Linscheid is very personable and trustworthy. He dealt with my case and me in a professional and timely manner. Thank you, Michael, for bringing my belief in lawyers back.”A Satisfied Client

“I consulted with Mr. Linscheid regarding a DFG (department of fish and game) ticket. Yes, I got a ticket for a 6-inch fish that was misidentified and caught out of season. I received concise, informed advice helping me greatly with my options in this matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Linscheid in matters of fish and game but would also conclude from my dealings with him that he is probably a great attorney in the other areas of law in which he chooses to practice.”Darren

“Upon losing my license at the DMV with a totally incompetent attorney, I hired Mr. Linscheid to request a Departmental Review at the DMV. Mr. Linscheid’s request was compelling and DMV granted me another hearing. I again hired Mr. Linscheid to represent me at the DMV hearing. Although I had a good case, the DMV’s hearing officer was extremely biased, and clearly had no intension of overturning her decision. Through two lengthy hearings, numerous legal documents, and phone conversations, Mr. Linscheid – with his perseverance, expertise, and attention to detail was able to get my license reinstated. In addition to the DMV hearing, I had a violation of driving on a suspended license. Mr. Linsheid again successfully represented me and the charges were dropped by the District attorney. Based on his excellent performance and compassion for his clients, I would highly recommend E. Michael Linscheid. Peter.”Peter

“Barrister Michael was so helpful in resolving a legal matter of mine. He was professional, affable, humble, and very patient (especially in answering a myriad of questions I had about my case). Michael is an attorney I would recommend to anyone without reservation. He is a credit to his profession.”Anthony

“From the moment I first talked with Michael on the phone I felt at ease. I looked around on the internet for a lawyer to help me with my probation violation case for days and talked with 17 different lawyers. My case was a nightmare and could have been way more of a mess if it was handled by another. Michael’s efforts helped keep me out of jail/prison for a long time. He also ensured my future was protected. He handled my case with grace. He is supportive, he listens, he answers his phone, he goes above and beyond what is required of him. Michael saved my life and I recommended him to another close friend in a similar situation…and he found the same results. His ability to communicate is far superior to other lawyers I worked with before. Thank you, Michael. It’s hard to put in words how you helped me.”Tristan

“Michael was there for me from the start to finish. When you decide that you need to hire a professional attorney, it can be a very scary and confusing time. Mr. Linscheid calmed me down and let me know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and we would go threw it together. It might be dark but at least there are people like Michael to help you get to the other side.”A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Linscheid did a fantastic job resolving my case quickly and effectively. I would recommend him at the drop of my hat!”Kevin

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